A New Adventure

The most exciting news of the year so far for me was landing a position with the great folks over at 25yearslatersite.com earlier this month. It was news I certainly was not expecting and something that happened over only a few days. Monday I was an aspiring part time fiction writer and pharmacy manager without even a inkling that 25 years later were looking for new writers, then by Friday I was all of this things as well as a very excited staff writer for the site.

Having just submitted my first article to my editor, I wanted to share with you a little more depth in to this news as well as give a little exposure to the site. 25YL started out as a site for the return of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks on Showtime. Most recently though it has branched out in to all manner of other TV and Film, not just posting reviews but delving deeper in to their subject, asking questions and posing theories, not to mention interviews with some very awesome people!

I would therefore urge you to take a look at the site if you enjoy TV and film. Maybe there’s an aspect of your favourite show you had never even dreamed of, but these guys are exploring it! I’m extremely pleased and excited to be embarking on this new adventure, and I hope you are too.

Click here to go to the site!


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