Old man’s Glass – A Vemura novella

Old man’s glass was the first ‘big’ project that I undertook. It was meant to tell the story of Haldor, a ranger from the north eastern region of Venura and how the fate of the world wove him into the thread and brought him together with other key characters who’s stories would be told in my fantasy novels.

This story was written mainly as a test to see whether I could write and indeed tell a story. However it turned out, it was a good test and I learned a lot from it, but the finished (or uneditied I should say) product has no actual bearing on the events that do actual take place in Vemura. Haldor will still exist in the world but when I get to it, his story will be told very differently, albeit with similar outcomes.

Feel free to have a read of Haldor’s original story. Its a little rough around the edges, as I said it was my first real project as a writer and it is completely unedited. But some of you may enjoy it.

Thanks for stopping by.

Old mans glass complete draft one

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