Where have you been??

So I just checked my blog feed an realised that my last post was on the 30th October last year. Almost 5 months!!

This begs the question, where the hell have I been?

Well, throughout November I took part in NaNoWriMo. I had planned to be much more active throughout the month, posting snippets of the story I was writing etc. But working full text and writing everyday took its toll on my and I had to focus solely on those two tasks. In the end, I finished NaNoWriMo a winner! Yay!

Following NaNo, I was ready to move house. Me and my wife purchased our first home in September and by the end of November we were almost ready to go and by the 15th December it was moving time.

Moving and Christmas took up all my time and then settling in, unpacking, doing bits of DIY, getting a new roof and decorating just sucked away all my time and energy for weeks.

Now though I feel I’m back on track. We’re mostly settled and nearly unpacked 😉

I have much more time for reading and writing (although I still waste most of my time procrastinating). I must admit I haven’t written a word of story since the end of NaNo and I have only reviewed about 2 pages of the NaNo manuscript. I do however find myself overflowing with creativity and have at least 3 new stories ready and waiting to be tapped out.

I’m hoping 2018 will be my most creative and productive year to date, and I hope you too will come along for the journey with me.

I want to keep this blog as updated as possible and will strive to bring news, reviews and other bits at least once a week.

So stay tuned, friends, and have a great day!

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