Im Alive!

As Jeff Lynne once sang…’I’m Alive!’

Iv’e neglecting this website, and to some degree, writing in general for quite a few months now. I would like to however offer a bit of an update for those of you who may read this.

Since the launch of Eldorado last year on Wattpad I have been pretty silent and not much work has been done on Eldorado. While I am not in a position to offer any more content for it, I am planning to reformat and do a quick edit of the chapters that are available. the aim of this is to tidy up any spelling errors and typo’s to make the text look a little more professional and indeed a little more like I care (which I do). The aim of the reformatting is just to make the reading a little more fluid. As it is, each scene is presented as a ‘part’ but on reflection, this will lead to a huge amount of these ‘parts’. The plan is therefor to have one part as one chapter and all the scenes from that chapter will be contained within rather than separated. My hope is that it won’t be too confusing though for the reader if I upload a few scenes to an already existing part!

Secondly, I am currently working on a brand new project. The idea for which spawned a few years back and I did even write a few chapters around that idea. Since then it has evolved and become an entirely huge and wonderful story that I can’t wait to show to you all.

I will try to keep everyone as updated as possible and I will hopefully have some more scenes of Eldorado to share soon. until then, Happy reading folks!

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